The Hsinchu Smile Waterfront plan covers 17 kilometers of coastline, hsinchu left Bank and Hsinchu Fisherman's Wharf, forming a water environment with multiple natural features。This plan is unique in that it attempts to integrate the various projects into an overall master plan that serves as a planning guide for the future development of the area。

"Restoring nature" is the core concept of the Smile Waterfront Project, a public works project focusing on environmental improvement that provides a forward-looking approach to the implementation of the overall project scope to achieve tangible results from a proactive environmental protection strategy。In order to realize the emphasis on environmental improvement and aesthetic benefits, the program includes a variety of specialties, including landscape improvement, ecological restoration, architecture, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering and facility operation management。

As an important strategic blueprint of urban space governance, Hsinchu Smile Waterfront Plan (Hsinchu S).M.I.L.E Waterfront Project)體現了對永續濱水環境的願景(Sustainability)、多元專業團隊(Multi discipline)、整合計畫(Integration)、領先的理念(Leading)及完整的生態學(Ecology)。

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  • 2020 International Federation of Landscape Architects Asia, Africa and Middle East Award -- Honorable Mention in the Analysis and Master Planning category
  • 2020 Global Building Excellence Award - Integrated Planning Category - Silver Award
  • 2019 National Outstanding Construction Award