Proper monitoring of carbon emission sources and pollution is a prerequisite for controlling air pollution。As government emissions regulations become more stringent, AECOM's air quality experts are improving to provide better design, consulting and maintenance solutions。

If carefully managed, the deterioration of air quality due to pollutants and carbon emissions from urban development and human industrialization-related activities is not inevitable。It requires more advanced air quality monitoring systems and expertise to identify sources of emissions to help industrial areas in neighbouring cities achieve low carbon emissions and "clean air" operations。

As part of our core environmental capabilities, AECOM environmental team's air quality and pollution control specialists are conducting air quality monitoring projects for the Kaohsiung Waterfront Industrial Zone in southern Taiwan。

Covering an area of about 1,560 hectares, the industrial park mainly produces basic steel manufacturing and petrochemicals related products and is an important pillar of industrial modernization in Kaohsiung。According to the new regulations, industrial parks must conduct long-term air quality monitoring。The project provides 10 fully equipped air quality monitoring stations and operation and maintenance services for the industrial park。